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Pakistani kidnappers to U.S. media: Out

The kidnappers of The Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in
Pakistan threatened Wednesday to kill Pearl within 24 hours if their demands are
not met and warned American journalists in Pakistan to get out of the country
within three days or be targeted, according to an electronic mail obtained by
international news agencies.

The kidnappers called themselves 'The National Movement for the Restoration
of Pakistani Sovereignty' and demanded the release of all Pakistanis held by the
United States.

The Committee to Protect Journalists, which has called for Pearl's release,
said it would not advise reporters on what stories to cover or not cover,
finding that to be 'an issue that's between the reporters and their

However, the committee said, given the eight reporters slain covering the war
on terrorism in Afghanistan and, especially, Pearl's kidnapping, it takes the
threat 'very seriously.'