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Our digital town

Several technology companies are working together to add an interactive
dimension to PBS' upcoming 13-part series on American towns, Life

A co-production of PBS, Oregon Public Broadcasting and ABC News'
Nightline, Life 360 is scheduled to debut on PBS stations Friday

With the help of the tech companies, several stations will broadcast data
providing additional information on the featured towns. The data will also be
available on the Internet.

Assisting PBS will be Microsoft Corp.'s Microsoft TV, Sony Electronics Corp.,
DirecTV Inc., Chyron Corp., Triveni Digital Inc., Wavexpress, RespondTV and
Zenith Electronics Corp.

Participating noncommercial stations include WNJN-TV Trenton, N.J.; KETC-TV
St. Louis; KQED-TV San Francisco; WMVS-TV Milwaukee; KRMA-TV Denver; WGBH-TV
Boston; and WNET-TV New York.