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Our Big, Fat List of Pilots

Hawaii is popular this year. With upfront presentations just two weeks away and the broadcast networks racing to the finish line on pilot season, perhaps this year's focus on a sunny, sexy island suggests where all those cooped-up network executives would rather be.

But there are other themes as well: Bounty hunters, wedding planners, private investigators, and young, hot singles who give up their lifestyle to raise the offspring of dead relatives appear frequently on the development slate.

Journalists are in. Both pop diva Jessica Simpson and TV regular Jennifer Love Hewitt are playing reporters, and three well-known columnists (The Washington Post's Tony Kornheiser, Time's and Entertainment Weekly's Joel Stein, and The New York Times' Amanda Hesser) are seeing their lives converted into TV shows. Maybe.

Crime still pays on TV. All the networks are investing heavily in the genre and its varying twists, with medical mysteries, FBI agents masquerading as high school kids, and parent/kid PI teams.

The goal of all this, of course, is a whopping big hit. After all the pilot-testing and focus-grouping, frantic casting and upfront-pitching, it will soon be up to the viewers. Here's what the broadcast-network programmers are considering.