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Osbourne Calls for Ownership-Rules Rollback

During PBS’ Now with Bill Moyers Friday night, Rep. Tom Osbourne (R-Neb.) called for the House of Representatives to roll back media-ownership rules the Federal Communications Commission voted into place last June.

The new rules allow for one company to own up to three TV stations, eight radio stations, a major newspaper and a cable system in the same market. The Senate has passed a resolution of disapproval regarding the rules, but the House has not brought the matter up for a vote.

“What it requires now is what’s called a discharge petition,” Osborne told Moyers during the show. “When you sign a discharge petition you’re essentially going against your leadership. And you better be … committed and willing to pay the price to do that. So I would hope that our leadership might relent on this issue. And, of course, there’s a fair likelihood that that might happen.”

&?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />&o:p>Osbourne, former head football coach at the University of Nebraska, is a co-chair of a congressional caucus on sex and violence in the media.&/o:p>