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O'Reilly special draws big numbers

Fox News Channel talker Bill O'Reilly attracted a cable-sized audience
Thursday for his network special on Fox. Corruption of the American Child: An
O'Reilly Factor Special
registered a 3.5/6 and about 3.6 million homes in
the 9 p.m. EST slot, according to fast national Nielsen Media Research ratings. The previous
week, a second run of Andy Richter's new show earned a 2.5/4 in the same slot.
Popular Fox shows Temptation Island and King of the Hill have
recently aired in the same time period.

Fox News' nightly edition of The O'Reilly Factor, the
highest-rated news program on cable, regularly registers 1.5 million homes. On a
recent Thursday in March, O'Reilly Factor delivered 2.1 million
households on Fox News, which reaches about 78 million homes.

O'Reilly's broadcast appearance is part of a four-part series of news
specials for Fox. The first special aired in December, and O'Reilly's next will
be in June.