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Oregon Group Wants to Curb Booze Ads

An Oregon group has asked the state to restrict broadcast alcohol ads, the American Advertising Federation said.

The Oregon Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking sent a letter to the state’s Liquor Control Commission asking that it prohibit alcohol advertising in media in which more than 30% of the audience is under drinking age. The letter specified ages 12-20, but presumably they would include younger kids in that prohibition as well.

The AAF has sent its own letter, arguing that the proposal is "unconstitutional, unnecessary and unenforceable." The organization said as far as it can tell, the commission has yet to respond.

On the ad tax front, AAF says an attempt by Arkansas to add a tax on services that would include advertising was narrowly defeated. It expects a similar tax to come up in Texas later this year when the governor calls a special session to deal with the issue of school funding.