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Oracle's Moat to Use iSpot TV Ad Measurement

(Image credit: iSpot)

Oracle's Data Cloud will be using’s ad measurement for the TV portion of its Moat Reach product, according to an iSpot blog post.

Oracle will use iSpot’s real-time impression verification and attention scoring for the TV portion of Moat Reach.

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"True cross-platform measurement — understanding which real people actually receive which ads across platforms — is one of the most foundational questions of advertising,” said Kevin Whitcher, VP of product management at Oracle Data Cloud.

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“We’re thrilled to work with iSpot to bring TV and digital ad viewership data together in a way that meaningfully moves the industry forward. When you really break it down to first principles, our collaboration with iSpot allows advertisers and publishers to finally know which real people received an ad that means something to them. To me, this is the fundamental job of a marketer,” Whitcher said.

The platform verifies every time a video ad hits the screen of a TV and tells how long the impression lasted. Big brands use the data to optimize TV investments and networks use it to sell in new and different ways.

iSpot.TV last month teamed up with Neustar to offer marketers multi-touch attribution across TV and digital campaigns.