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Open Mike

And the verdict is...

Congratulations on BROADCASTING & CABLE's
expanded format change! From the days of Don West and Len Zeidenberg, B&C (then BROADCASTING ) always has been a "must-read" for me.

With the added editorial capacity that the new format provides, B&C
now will be able to offer more of what you have always done best: provide readers with the finest reporting and most thoughtful editorial commentary on The Fifth Estate.

The magazine looks great and reads even better!

Robert Sachs, president & CEO, National Cable & Telecommunications Association, Washington

No, no, no to the new format! Please go back to what has made your magazine a weekly must-read. Change is generally good, but the format is especially troublesome—and doesn't even fit in my inbox.

Tom Rogeberg, executive VP & COO, Coral Ridge Ministries Media Inc. Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

I love the new BROADCASTING & CABLE. The layout is terrific. The organization is clear. It's easy to read. It usually takes me awhile to get used to a redesign. I like it so much better than the old B&C. Way to go!

Char Beales, president and CEO, Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing, Washington

After the initial surprise when receiving my mail, I feel that the new format is terrific. The magazine flows better and due to the larger print space, most stories can start and end on the same page ... this makes the information much easier to read.

Scott Sanders, general manager, WTVZ(TV) Norfolk and WRLH-TV Richmond, Va.

Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't like BROADCASTING & CABLE's new format. Previously, your magazine was easy to handle and to read. Also, why can't a story begin and end on page one, as we see in USA Today?

I will have to get accustomed to the new you: change for the sake of change, apparently.

Thankfully, your writing and quality of your news reporting is still topnotch. Keep up the good work in that area. I will continue to subscribe!

Philip Moskowitz, Emerald Communications, East Allen Township, Pa.

Downside of new size: Back issues do not stack for storage as nicely in an empty Samuel Adams 12-pack case.

Lindsay Collins, L M Collins Associates, Washington, N.H.