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Open Mike

Offending truth

At a recent TVB meeting in New York, we saw a presentation by the Kaiser Family Foundation about violence on television and the public's perception thereof.

I asked the question “Does the Kaiser Family Foundation separate viewing of local television stations from the viewing of cable channels?” The answer was “That's probably a good idea.

However, I haven't seen any evidence that such a distinction has been made. The most recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll released in June of this year once again suggests that parents are concerned about violence on television.

The question should be asked and should be answered: “Are people referring to cable and satellite channels, or are they referring to over-the-air television channels?” I suspect there's a lot of confusion here, and there should be clarification to separate the impressions that people have in regard to cable/satellite channels as against over-the-air broadcast programs. If this distinction is not clearly made, then the Kaiser Family Foundation study obviously distorts facts and leaves a false impression.

Broadcasters have always worked to make sure that we are not offensive when we are guests in people's homes, and I believe that the public understands and appreciates that fact.

Television broadcasters have always worked hard to present programs which are in good taste, non-offensive and appropriate at the times presented, and I suspect that the Kaiser study is biased and does not demonstrate that fact.

Stanley S. Hubbard


Hubbard Broadcasting

“Lazy reporting”

Thank you for the comment on the Dan Rather “dustup” [The Robins Report, 6/18, p. 4]. It is good to know someone is out there with good sense and fairness to the truth. I sent these comments to several friends after reading the reaction from American Women in Radio and Telvision.

Here is an outstanding example of ignorance, spin and lazy reporting! I am not talking about Dan.

Dan's references to “tarting up the news” was not a dig at Couric. He was not calling Couric a tart. He was talking about the news leaning on stories about Paris Hilton, Lohan and the other misbehaving “slobeberties” instead of stories of real substance.

Yet, by design or sloth, talk shows and others have managed to misreport on a legitimate criticism by a person who has become a favorite target of the “Rushinistas” who torment the truth to please their own agenda. In this case, AWRT has become a victim.

Ira Apple

Ira Apple & Associates

Reisterstown, Md.