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Open Mike

Give The CW a Break

Regarding your recent CW cover story: [“Is This The CW's New Reality?,” 3/26], we are a new network, and that is overlooked. I know the euphoria of the initial press conference set the bar, but we have had so much to do to get this thing going, and that is taken for granted by many, including you guys.

The article has balance overall, but many shots are taken just for the sake of it, it seemed to me.

Buyer reaction to our development meetings was overwhelmingly positive. That said, it is frustrating to see only one buyer quoted in your story, and that one with a negative point of view.

There are many buyers out there not only rooting for us to succeed but partnered with us in new innovative ways (à la Content Wraps, online, etc). You can't tell me there wasn't a pro-CW buyer voice to speak in the story.

The bottom line: We are six months on air. We are doing better than our predecessors. We have a monster hit in America's Next Top Model, strong success with Beauty and the Geek and Pussycat Dolls (as you pointed out), and great development on deck. We are a leaner company with stronger distribution and more advertisers than either UPN or The WB.

We have a burgeoning online product that we are monetizing that competes with anybody's, and we have strong, committed leadership.

We shall overcome. I look forward to a cover story down the road recognizing just that.

Paul McGuire, Executive VP, Network Communications, The CW, Los Angeles

Our Shocking Cover

I wanted to express my outrage at the use of such an offensive photo on the cover of the March 19 issue (“Hungry for HD?”).

Using a shot of a huge great white obviously making a meal out of a seal is totally in bad taste.

As an animal lover, I am offended by this photo and its use as a cover shot. That's hideous. If you wanted to put it inside the magazine, go ahead.

I do know that there is in nature a certain hierarchy and that, yes, great whites do eat seals, but do not force me to look at it.

Laura Ford, Administrative/Financial Assistant, ABC Radio Networks, Dallas