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Open Mike

Screaming Teasers!

Editor: Your editorial (“Change the Channel,” Feb. 25) touched a nerve. If I hear one more local meteorologist forward-promoting The Storm of This and Any Other Century—which turns out to be a 20% chance of an inch of snow 50 miles north of our viewing area (that was on WCBS New York just last week)—I will file a formal complaint with their professional society.

Shouldn't the American Meteorological Society be concerned that the general public will tune out real hurricane or tsunami dangers because they have been screamed at—without cause—every bleeping night of the week, in the hope that the station can scare viewers into watching beyond the next pod of car commercials?

I see a 100% probability that this situation is shameless, dangerous, pathetic and unprofessional. Thanks for letting me vent #%$$#.

Phil Shuman

Shuman Communications

Hamilton, N.J.