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Open Mike

Why Not B&C...&S

Editor: With the logo change, you should have added 'S' for satellite (or 'DS').

As much as we broadcasters and cable operators hate to admit it, EchoStar and Direct TV have become competitors for viewers' eyes along with terrestrial broadcast and wired broadcast.

Steve Dresser, Chief Operator , KMPH/KFRE Fresno, Calif.

(Received via e-mail)

Cartoon Cover

Editor: Now we know why you call it BC: Bad Cover. The Nov. 15 (“Prime Time for Adult Cartoons”) cover of B&C wins the prize.

In this era of indecency followed by substantial fines, sexual tricks played by rock stars, and networks promoting programs with outright indecency, what genius made the decision to run that cover? Did anybody there say, “Wait a minute. Did anyone hear about the 'moral issues' exit polling on election day?' ”

Please don't spoil the long tradition of a quality publication which has served this wonderful industry for decades with class and dignity.

Ron Kempff, President Kempff Communications Tampa, Fla.

(Received via e-mail)

Fine Urban Radio, Muzzle Stern

Editor: If the FCC wants to fine ABC [for the Monday Night Football opening], then they should do it and get it over with and prove to the broadcasters they are serious about this type of content. But then the FCC should get really serious and shut down or fine urban radio stations for all of the indecent music they play. The owners of these stations should get fines daily.

Also, I saw Howard Stern on Letterman, and he was being very negative about the FCC and about President Bush. I do believe that the FCC should step in and take this guy down all the way. In what other country in the world would a no-class, low-class self-proclaimed star be able to broadcast this kind of talk and get away with it?

Raymond M. Barp, Glendale, Calif.

(Received via e-mail)