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Open Mike

Hurray for Radio

Editor: So glad Harry Jessell wrote that column on AM radio ("God Bless AM Radio," Aug. 18). At home during the blackout, I just happened to have a Bloomberg transistor radio that came in a goody bag from some long ago event. For some reason, I saved the little radio, which is tuned to only one station: Bloomberg Radio [WBBR, 1130 kHz], of course. And voila! I had a connection to the outside world.

Carole Shander, Court TV, New York

Right About War Coverage

Editor: Harry Jessell's column ["TV's Big Assist," Aug. 4] hit the mark. Where are the investigative reporters? Or did Big Media sit back and play the party line [on war coverage] just to be sure that the new ownership caps would go through? What has happened to the free and independent press? Don McGannon [crusading chairman of Group W Broadcasting during the '50s and '60s] must be turning over in his grave.

Fred E. Walker, Broadcast Street Companies, Delray Beach, Fla.