One Media, TeamCast Experimenting With ATSC 3.0, SFN Tests

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Experimental facilities spanning Washington, D.C. and Baltimore started broadcasting using the first “Next Gen” Single Frequency Network (SFN) Monday. One Media—a joint venture between Sinclair Broadcast Group and Coherent Logix—and the French tech company TeamCast advanced ATSC 3.0 via the FCC’s Special Temporary Authority grant.

“With the build-out of a first-of-its-kind SFN platform, One Media’s ATSC 3.0 technology will be used to drive an understanding of the value new tools bring to broadcasting,” said Kevin Gage, executive VP of strategic development and CTO of One Media. “We intend this new platform to be a place where the broadcast industry can unite to launch new and exciting consumer and B2B products and services.”

The two companies together created and employed the experimental SFN, with testing using full power, multi-site platform and channel 43 in both markets.

“We are proud to contribute to this worldwide first over-the-air SFN implementation, which constitutes a clear recognition of our unmatched experience in implementing technologies for the distribution and the modulation of terrestrial Digital TV standards,” said Eric Pinson, business unit manager at TeamCast. “One of the key challenges for us has been to design and to implement a very innovative and unique solution to prepare and to transport the ATSC 3.0 stream dedicated to feed the transmission sites operated in SFN.”