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Olympics Power NBC Sports Emmy Win

NBC topped the sports Emmy winners Monday night with seven (eight if you count one it split with HBO), five for its coverage of the 2004 summer Olympics in Greece.

The awards were handed out by the National Television Academy of Arts & Sciences at Lincoln Center.

Cable networks took the number two and three spots in the statue tally.

HBO beat out all the broadcast nets but NBC with five awards (six if you count its shared award), two going to  former NBC star Bryant Gumbel's Real Sports.

ESPN was number three with five awards (or tied with HBO if you don't count Costas), including two for SportsCenter.

CBS was next with three awards, two for Super Bowl-related programs, though none for the game or Janet Jackson's halftime show.

Fox collected three, including one for NASCAR and one for announcer Joe Buck, who was a presenter along with Gumbel and Costas.

ABC's Wide World of Sports seemed rather narrow, with the network picking up only two awards (the same as last year) and one of those for a show that is going away.

One award was for Monday Night Football, which is moving to ESPN in 2006, and the other for the World Figure Skating Championships.

The shared NBC/HBO award was actually an individual award to Bob Costas, who has a show on each net and is allowed to combine his entry.

ESPN2 (Wimbledon), The NFL Network (NFL Films), and TNT (NBA), each one one statue apiece.

Chet Simmons, former president of NBC Sports and ESPN, received the Sports Lifetime Achievement Award, while Phil Knight, who has made the "swoosh" the unofficial logo of sport, was recognized for "contributions to the quality and growth of sports television."