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O'Donnell Mulls a Return to TV

Rosie O'Donnell told TV reporters Friday she would like to get back into the television world, though she does not know in what format.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association winter press tour in Pasadena, Ca., O'Donnell said that now that she is done with Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway, a return to TV and its set schedule would be
attractive to her and her family.
The former syndicated talk-show host was in attendance to promote her upcoming HBO documentary All Aboard: Rosie's Family Cruise, about a cruise she led for gay families.  The cruise itself was actually put on by a company she and Kelli O'Donnell own, but HBO execs said that does not necessarily mean the documentary was a commercial for the business.
"We made [the show] because it [gay marriage] was a controversial issue," said HBO documentary chief Sheila Nevins of All Aboard.  "Rosie and Kelli  happen to be the poster people for this issue.  We did it for emotional and spiritual reasons.  Remember, we don't take commercials on HBO."
O'Donnell also said she is trying to launch another magazine and is talking to a "very reputable publisher" about a new project; her first magazine, Rosie, closed down in 2002.  
She said, "That was by far the most hideous part of my career."