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NY1 Political Reporter Carter Convicted

NY 1 News star political reporter Dominic Carter was convicted of attempted assault on his wife Nov. 20. The Rockland County (N.Y.) district attorney's office issued a statement Friday saying Carter, 46, was found guilty of third-degree attempted assault, reports the Associated Press.

The maximum sentence is three months in jail. Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 14.

Carter's wife Marilyn called 911 last year from their home in Rockland County, north of NY1's New York City base. She recanted her allegation on the witness stand during Carter's trial Oct. 29.

Ramapo Town Justice Arnold Etelson said he found Marilyn Carter's revised story "nothing short of preposterous," but said she did not sustain "impairment of physical condition or substantial pain" as required for a conviction on the assault charge.

Defense attorney Martin Gotkin said Dominic "still maintains his innocence, claims he never did this and he's going to continue fighting this case to vindicate himself. His intention right now is to appeal."

A NY1 spokesperson says Carter remains on indefinite leave of absence at the channel. "We're continuing to review the court's decision," the spokesperson adds.

Carter authored the book No Momma's Boy, about his mother's struggles with severe mental illness and his poor childhood in New York.