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NTIA Gives $1.65 Million For DTV Education

The National Telecommunications & Information Administration has given $1.65 million to the Leadership Conference On Civil Rights Education Fund for DTV education.

That follows the $2.65 million it handed out Thursday to agencies involved with educating seniors. Both senior citizens and minorities have higher percentages of over-the-air-only viewers, who will be most affected by the Feb. 17, 2009 transition to digital TV.

The money was freed up by Congress from a fund for equipment to help low-power TV stations during the DTV transition, but applications for that money were not flooding NTIA, and Congress freed up some of that money for the DTV-to-analog converter box coupon program, in this case education and outreach.

This is said to be the last grant from that re-allocation, which is in addition to a separate $5 million education fund.