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Northpoint report warns of serious static

Northpoint's plan to share spectrum with existing satellite TV companies "poses a significant interference threat to DBS operation," reports independent engineering firm Mitre Corp. in a study required by Congress last year.

That said, "mitigation techniques" exist that could still allow spectrum sharing between Northpoint and DBS companies DirecTV and EchoStar Communications Corp. as well as other satellite systems that plan to offer services on the 12.2-12.7 gigahertz spectrum band.

Mitre leaves it to the FCC to decide whether "the potential costs of applying the necessary mitigatory measures, together with the impact of the residual interference that might remain after applying such measures, outweigh the benefits that would accrue from allowing [the two] to coexist."

The FCC has opened the question to the public, with comments due May 15 and replies May 23. - Paige Albiniak