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No thanks

Imagine we have a big red flag and are now waving it: The network news heads have no business parading to Washington to testify at this week's hearings on election snafus and how to fix them. And the government has no business asking. Just try getting TheNew York Times' Pinch Sulzberger to testify on suggestions that the paper's coverage is biased or that it might have misreported election results. Never happen.

Broadcasters have recognized the problems with their election-night coverage and are taking steps to correct them. That's their business. Congress should stick to doing the people's business, which is fixing the voting machines and passing a uniform poll-closing bill. The only group the TV news executives should be answering to is the court of public opinion. Once the government starts trying to decide how journalists should do their jobs, you might as well hand Rep. Tauzin the earpiece and let Dan Rather chase armadillos.