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No Testimony Yet In WealthTV Hearing

Posted at 6:12 p.m. ET

The program-carriage complaint of WealthTV against major cable operators continued Tuesday at an FCC hearing in Washington, but evidence was still being entered through midday and no testimony was expected to be given until late Tuesday or Wednesday.

The hearing is expected to take a couple of weeks given the number of witnesses--20--and the parties involved, four cable operators and WealthTV owner Herring Broadcasting, represented by one account, a total of 17 lawyers.

WealthTV claims Brighthouse, Comcast, Cox, and Time Warner discriminated against it by not carrying WealthTV while they did carry a similar channel in which they had a financial interest. The MSOs say the issue was cost of the channel versus its value, and that it was business, not discrimination, that kept the channel off their lineups.

Monday had been all about submitting documents, according to a source with one of the parties. About half of WealthTV's exhibits were not accepted due to rules against hearsay.

One thing that might have been holding up the start of witness testimony Tuesday is that the cable operators challenged the testimony of Charles Herring, who was having to rewrite and re-submit what another source said was a lengthy document.

According to a source monitoring the court comings and goings, at one point Medai Bureau Chief Monica Desai paid a visit to the hearing. An attorney with the Enforcement Bureau has been a regular fixture.