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Nightline Posts Some NY Jobs

The post-Ted Koppel transition of Nightline continues apace.

Last Friday, ABC News listed several job openings at the veteran newsmagazine, and many of those positions were slated for New York.

Included in the Nightline jobs that need to be filled were ones that in the past would have been Washington-based and will now move to New York.

They included senior broadcast producer, director, senior futures and planning producer, production coordinator, and booker. "We are hiring people in a number of positions in New York," said Nightline spokeswoman Emily Lenzner, though she would not comment on the specific job postings. "A significant staff will remain in Washington," she added.

A few Washington-slots were posted among the job openings as well.

In a conference call last week, Nightline Executive Producer James Goldston told Washington staffers that the show would start dividing production duties between Washington and New York—where Goldston is based—after Koppel exits (his last show is Nov. 22).

Nightline will move to a multi-anchor format, with anchors in New York and Washington and some more West Coast-oriented stories.

Washington will maintain a 24/7 control room—which also contributes to GMA and World News Tonight. But the main control room will now be in New York, where the show's opening will be produced as well.

Staffers have been told the company expects no Washington layoffs. But according to a source, some have also been told to think creatively about their job descriptions now that some traditional Washington functions are being moved to the Big Apple.