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Nielsen’s Gracenote Providing Data on On-Screen Diversity

Nielsen Gracenote
(Image credit: Nielsen)

Nielsen’s Gracenote unit officially launched Inclusion Analytics, which provides data about on-screen diversity and representation.

Nielsen previously told clients about the Gracenote’s diversity data at a meeting last year.

Inclusion Analytics will enable advertisers to identify and target inclusive content as part of its planning for campaigns and product placements.  

Distributors can also use the data to curate their content for special events such as Women’s History Month.

Inclusion Analytics combines Gracenote’s program metadata and Studio System celebrity race and ethnicity information with Nielsen television and SVOD ratings. 

The analytics include share of screen for an identity group; an inclusion opportunity index that compares share of screen with the representation in the population, and inclusion audience index, comparing share of screen to representation within the program’s viewing audience.