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Nielsen Raises Universe of U.S. TV Homes to 119.9M

Nielsen has raised its national Television Household Universe Estimate to 119.9 million TV homes for the 2018-19 season from 119.6 last season.

Nielsen increased its estimate of the number of people age 2 and older—people 2+—by 0.3% to 305.4 million people. The increase reflects growth in Hispanic, black and Asian TV households, the measurement company said.

The numbers are the basis for Nielsen’s TV ratings, which are used to measure the popularity of TV programming and set advertising rates.

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The percentage of total U.S. homes with televisions receiving traditional TV signals via broadcast, cable, DBS or Telco, or via a broadband internet connection connected to a TV set is currently at 95.9%.

Nielsen said it uses U.S. Census Bureau data, combined with information from its national TV panel, to arrive at Advance TV Universe Estimates in early May. It then distributes final Universe Estimates before the start of each TV season.