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Nielsen Expands Relationship with Media Buyer MBuy

MBuy, a media planning and media buying subsidiary of Mediaocean, renewed its agreement with Nielsen and expanded its relationship by taking additional services.

In addition to getting local and national TV measurement, MBuy gets access to Nielsen’s local currency ratings data for all local TV markets and will be able to analyze and use data from Ad Intel, Nielsen’s advertising spending reporting service.

“Nielsen’s enhanced local TV measurement provides us a greater understanding and insights into each local marketplace, furthering our ability to plan and sell with confidence. Combining this with Ad Intel data will create the perfect local market lens in which to successfully execute our media planning and buying,” said Ryan Saurer, executive VP of sales and general manager of MBuy. “We are excited to continue our relationship with Nielsen, which will help us deliver high-performance campaigns that meet our advertising and business objectives in the current competitive environment.”

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Nielsen is enhancing measurement across all Local TV markets. Nielsen’s local transformation allows agencies to forecast, deliver, and steward their buys.

“We are excited to continue to provide accurate, real persons-based measurement to MBuy across 208 Local TV Markets,” said Dave Hohman, managing director, Nielsen. “In order to reach the actual consumers they are targeting (rather than households), advertisers need Nielsen’s currency data, because Nielsen measures persons - which is what marketers are buying advertising for. This is the only way to increase their marketing effectiveness, eliminate waste from campaign spend, and ultimately increase their ROI. We look forward to collaborating with MBuy in delivering sophisticated insights and expertise as they continue to meet the needs of their clients and innovate in the industry.”