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Nielsen Conducts Survey on Mobile-Phone Ads

The good news for broadcasters looking to tap into the mobile-video market is that Nielsen projected that 58 million people (or 23% of mobile-phone subscribers) have been "exposed" to an ad on their phones in the past 30 days.

The bad news: Only 10% of phone subscribers said those ads, which include video ads, are acceptable.

That is according to a Nielsen survey of 22,000 "active mobile-data users," defined as those who used more than one nonvoice service in the fourth quarter.

But there is hope: The survey found that 32% of users would be open to ads if it meant lowering their bills and 23% said they expected to see more mobile-phone advertising.

The other good news is that, like them or not, 28 million, or almost one-half of the 58 million that recalled seeing the ads, responded to them.

“We see an increasing trend of consumers willing to trade off and receive advertising to gain more -- and better -- mobile content,” said Jeff Herrmann, vice president of mobile media at Nielsen Mobile, in announcing the study.