Nickelodeon's Noggin Debuts 'Bubble Guppies: Dive Into The Met' Interactive Game

Bubble Guppies interactive game
(Image credit: Nickelodeon)

Noggin has launched an interactive game called Bubble Guppies: Dive into The Met, Nickelodeon announced Monday (April 4). The game takes students, ages two through seven on a virtual field trip of the Metropolitan Museum of Art where they can explore and learn about artwork from different cultures and countries.

This is the first release under the new early learning programs which includes Big Hearts, Mighty Minds, Healthy Heroes and Brave Explorers. 

Bubble Guppies: Dive Into The Met follows Mr. Grouper and the Bubble Guppies on a field trip to the Met to study works of art from Japan, Ancient Egypt, The Netherlands, India and France. There are five featured artworks in the game: Children Playing in the Snow Under Plum Trees in Bloom by Hashimoto; The King Travels to His Sons' Weddings by Bahu Masters; A Goldsmith in His Shop by Petrus Christus; Stela of Aafenmut from Ancient Egypt ca. 924-889 BC and Madame Georges Charpentier and Her Children by August Renoir. 

The game also allows students to create their own works inspired by those featured in the Met using paint tools and stickers. ■

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