Nexstar and Yashi Launch Digital Mirror Ad Platform

Nexstar and its subsidiary Yashi, which specializes in location-focused video advertising, have launched Digital Mirror, which they call the industry's first integrated linear TV and digital programmatic video ad technology.

It will enable the simultaneous delivery of highly targeted digital pre-roll video advertising online and via mobile devices, exclusively to Nexstar's portfolio of 103 TV stations. The company said the setup could be scaled for use by other stations "over the near to mid-term." It is currently available in three Nexstar markets, with a full rollout planned by year-end.

“Nexstar’s commitment to localism and industry-leading innovation remain key components of our operating and expansion strategies and have served as the foundation of our long-term growth and success,” said president and CEO Perry Sook in a release. “Traditional TV remains the dominant reach medium with the greatest share of video viewership and superior engagement and influence on consumers’ purchasing and voting decisions. As our business continues to evolve with the changing new media landscape, we are focused on developing new technologies, products and services that complement our broadcast and digital media platforms."

At the time a client’s broadcast advertising spot begins to air on live TV, Digital Mirror sends a signal to Yashi’s demand-side platform, triggering it to deliver client’s digital pre-roll video ads to the desktops and laptops, tablets and other mobile devices of people within the station’s DMA. In addition, following the simultaneous delivery of the television / digital ad campaign, Digital Mirror will continue distributing the ads on digital platforms for approximately three minutes to reach the largest possible audience and reinforce client's messages. The tool allows the advertiser to know when and where multi-screen impressions occur, delivering transparent performance analytics.