Newsy Investigates Zika in Digital Series

With a new push into original programming, Newsy, the E.W. Scripps-owned OTT news channel, is launching a three-part series showing the influence El Salvador's government and church have on fighting the Zika virus.

The digital series, “Zika’s Untold War,” investigates topics related to the spread of the disease, such as how restricted access to contraception affects the health and freedom of women in El Salvador. The country, which has just 6 million people, has thousands of suspected Zika cases.

The series also explores the link between Zika and birth defects and the rise of Guillain-Barre syndrome. What other countries can learn from Central America’s response to Zika is a topic as well.

“The outbreak of Zika has had a huge impact on people in Central America – an impact that isn’t always addressed by the government or the media,” Blake Sabatinelli, general manager of Newsy, said in a statement. “’Zika’s Untold War’ brings to light the untold stories of the people living in affected areas and offers much needed perspective on the size and scope of the outbreak.”

“Zika’s Untold War” is available to view on desktop and mobile and Newsy’s channels via over-the-top platforms including Sling TV, Roku, Apple TV, Watchable from Comcast, Amazon Fire TV and Pluto TV.