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The NewsRoom Launches With Campaign Channel

Voxant officially launched its viral news syndication site thenewsroom today along with a new channel dedicated to the upcoming Presidential election.

The Website, which aggregates news videos, photographs and articles from sources including Reuters, Agence France-Presse, the CBC, World Championship Sports Network and the AP, appeared in November 2006. Content loaded is then available for internet users to embed (or “mash”) onto personal Websites. Embedded content from thenewsroom carries short "pre-roll" advertisements. Revenue will be split between Voxant and content providers on a deal-by-deal basis.

As part of its official launch the site has also introduced a channel devoted solely to 2008 campaign videos . Other video sites like YouTube have similar offerings  but thenewsroom differentiates itself by allowing candidates and all other content owners to not only "see where their videos are viewed and how often” but also “block videos from being viewed on desirable sites," according to a statement.

The company plans to allow “citizen journalists” to submit content in coming months.