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New Vision TV Execs Want Back in Broadcast Game

New Vision Television alumnus John Heinen has started up a
media holding company, Alchemedia, with an eye on owning TV stations. New
Vision's group was sold to LIN Media for $330 million last year.

Heinen was president and COO at New Vision. Alchemedia seeks
to own stations in large and medium-sized markets, and is in talks with both
private equity backers and hedge funds about getting on board.

Based in Atlanta, Alchemedia's ranks comprise former New Vision execs Eric
Simontis, Steve Spendlove and Dennis Elkin.

"We are excited about the future of television and
local television," said Heinen, the CEO. "Broadcast television is
coming off an extremely strong revenue year in 2012 and remains an essential
part of the marketing scheme for successful products and services providers,
especially in local communities. With the advent of mobile TV and the expansion
of video on mobile devices and more and more portals, local content is entering
another round of value expansion that we hope to monetize in the next few