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New Ownership Studies Expected

The FCC may have let a couple of media ownership studies slip through the cracks, but anti-consolidation activists are making sure they get their fill.

On the heels of the Consumer Federation of America, Consumers Union, and Free Press announcement that they had 700-800 pages of studies on TV and newspaper ownership and the economics of consolidation and multiple TV ownership to "dump" on the FCC come Oct.23--the deadline for filing comments in its media ownership rule review proceeding--The Benton Foundation, in tandem with the Social Science Research Council, have said they will weigh in with four new studies of thier own.

The new studies are on radio, minority and women-owned media, minority news consumption, and TV/newspaper cross-ownership's impact on public affairs.

Gloria Tristani, former FCC commissioner with the Benton Foundation, says the goal is not to inundate the commission, but to "help inform policymakers with good data."