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New Book Details Cowell Conquests

Simon Cowell is quite the lothario—so says his brother, Tony Cowell, author of the recently published I Hate To Be Rude But … The Simon Cowell Book of Nasty Comments. While falling a few zeroes short of Wilt Chamberlain's total, the American Idol judge has amassed a handsome collection of notches on his bedpost.

“If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say I'd had somewhere between seventy and one hundred women, but they seem to go as quickly as they arrive,” the book quotes Simon as saying. (We wonder why they leave so fast: Maybe he's bit too judgmental?)

Big brother Tony, who also penned Simon's biography, says, “God, yes, he's a ladies man, absolutely. From very early on, he was always very quick with girls.”

I Hate To Be Rude mentions Simon, as a boy, converting a backyard shed into a well-stocked pub with booze from their father's liquor cabinet so he could woo girls (and sate them with alcohol).

“He was kind of a pretty boy then,” says Tony. “Not that he's not now—he's just a bit fatter.”