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Nets Take Family-Friendly Fivepack

Broadcast networks picked up five shows that had been sponsored by the Family Friendly Programming Forum.

Shows developed by the advertising group this pilot season include three that have been scheduled by ABC: Betty the Ugly  (Friday); Brothers & Sisters (Sunday); and Notes from the Underbelly (Thursday).

In addition, NBC slated Friday Night Lights (Tuesday) and The CW scheduled Runaway (Monday).

Two additional Forum shows survived the cut of the combination of UPN and The WB, with The CW picking up Forum veteran Gilmore Girls (Tuesday) and Everybody Hates Chris (Sunday).

The forum is composed of 44 major advertisers--with products they believe are best advertised on family shows--who were concerned about the shortage of suitable shows on the broadcast networks and decided to put some cash on the table as an incentive.

The advertisers cover a networks’ cost of developing family-friendly scripts into a pilot. If the show goes nowhere, the network hasn’t lost anything; if the show gets picked up, the network reimburses FFPF for the costs.