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Nets to FCC: Dump NASA petition

A petition complaining about the broadcast networks' behavior should not be considered as part of the FCC's review of rules that govern network and affiliate relations, the four major broadcast networks told the commission on Monday.

ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC say the petition that the Network-Affiliated Stations Alliance submitted to the FCC last March is full of "conflicting requests and procedural irregularities." The networks think it should not "be considered by the agency in any form." But if the commission does consider the petition, which it is likely to do, "it should do so in the context of the pending rule-making concerning the network affiliate rules," the networks wrote.

The FCC has a proceeding on the network-affiliate rules that has been open since 1995. On May 2, NASA told the FCC that their petition was not an attempt to get the agency to punish the networks for possible past wrongs, but a request for the agency to determine whether the networks are violating commission rules and then to regulate their future behavior.
- Paige Albiniak