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Neither side likes Internet-streaming decision

Both sides of the fight over Internet-streaming royalties are contesting a
decision that would require radio broadcasters and Webcasters to pay a per-song,
per-subscriber fee for streaming copyrighted music online.

Radio broadcasters and Webcasters want the U.S. Copyright Office to
reconsider the decision of a panel of arbiters and lower the fees from 0.07
cents (for radio streams) per listener, per song and 0.14 cents for the same to
at least 0.02 cents.

Record companies, on the other hand, would like to see the fee increased.
They originally asked for a rate of 0.4 cents.

Historically, the U.S. Copyright Office and the Librarian of Congress, who
must make a final decision by May 21, defer to the judgment of the panel.

If the decision stands and the parties are unhappy with it, they can either
appeal to the courts to throw out the decision or to Congress to rewrite the