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NCTA Gets a la Carte Extension

The Federal Communications Commission has granted the National Cable & Telecommunications Association and anyone else who wants to chime in a one-week extension on the comment deadline in its inquiry on the impact of la carte tiering on the cable and satellite industries and their viewers.

Prompted by a request from frequent cable price critic Senator John McCain to investigate a la carte tiering, and pricing, the FCC had set a deadline of July 8 for comments, July 23 for replies. The deadlines are now July 15 and July 30, respectively.

The FCC points out that "it is not Commission policy to routinely grant extensions of time," though it was the third time in only a few days that it has granted comment extensions. The other two were an NAB request for an extra month--it got two weeks--in the inquiry on broadcast-only households in the digital age and a two-week extension request by the National Organization for Women in the inquiry on new EEO rules.