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NBCU's Zucker Praises Genachowski Plan

NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker Monday praised FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's network neturality plan and its clear distinction between legal and illegal content.

"Today chairman Genachowski articulated a balanced vision of the future of broadband, and we applaud his recognition that the twin goals of insuring open access and eliminating digital theft can--and must--be realized in tandem," he said.

In a speech to the Brookings Institution outlining his plans to expand and codify network openness guidelines, Genachowski said: "[O]pen Internet principles apply only to lawful content, services and applications -- not to activities like unlawful distribution of copyrighted works, which has serious economic consequences. The enforcement of copyright and other laws and the obligations of network openness can and must co-exist."

"We are also gratified that the chairman underscored the serious economic consequences of such theft," said Zucker. "The creative industries contribute more than 43% of our nation's economic growth, count for 11% of total GDP, and employ nearly 12 million U.S. workers.

"We wholeheartedly support Chairman Genachowski's commitment to curtail illegal content on the Internet and look forward to working closely with him to insure that America's creative indusdries remain prime drivers of economic development."