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NBCU, SanDisk to Deliver TV Shows via PC

Even as writers and studios battle over how to compensate content creators for Web play, NBC Universal teamed up with SanDisk to deliver its shows to the TV set via PC.

NBCU will make programming available from NBC, USA Network, Sci Fi Channel, Bravo and its library to SanDisk's Fanfare service, which allows content to be downloaded to a PC for playback on a TV set via a new SanDisk TakeTV video player that will get a beta test with the NBCU programming. The test starts in January.

NBCU will experiment with a variety of models, including bulk discounts for a whole season's worth of shows, as well as "incentives" to purchase a bundle of shows, taking a page from the cable industry.

Media companies are increasingly looking for new platforms that supplement the traditional over-the-air or over-the-cable models for TV.

SanDisk said it is working with studios on ways to protect content -- a big issue with NBCU -- including filtering or watermarking technologies.