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NBCU to Release Heroes on Blu-ray

NBC is hoping to give its season premiere of Heroes a Blu-ray boost.

NBC Universal said Thursday that season two of Heroes will be the first of the studio's entertainment product to be released in the Blu-ray HD format on the same day as the release of the DVD.

In addition, the first season of the show, which was already released in DVD format, will be re-released on Blu-ray the same day, Aug. 26, just before the start of the new TV season.

All of the studios are moving to the Blu-ray HD format after the Sony-backed technology beat out Toshiba's HD standard in a battle similar to that between VHS and Beta a generation earlier -- a fight Sony lost that time, at least in the consumer market.

NBCU won't issue its first dual-format feature-film release until after that, but in time for the holidays, the studio said.