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NBC's Williams Gets Dirty on '30 Rock'

Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News anchor, may be the most impeccably dressed newsman in the business. But in the alternate NBC universe depicted in the network’s comedy 30 Rock, Williams is a consummate slob.

In last week’s episode, Kenneth, the show’s hapless NBC page, is seen performing the daily task of cleaning the empty liquor bottles, dirty bikini briefs and issues of a booty magazine called Junk in the Trunk from Williams’ fictional office.

At one point, Kenneth is shown scrubbing the office wall where Williams has apparently scrawled a message to his CBS rival: "Katie Couric Sucks."

When we caught up with Williams last Friday, he told us that 30 Rock creator and star Tina Fey, an old pal, had showed him the script weeks ago—without the Couric gag.

"It was a heart-stopper to see that on the wall," he said. "I hope my old friend Katie knows that’s not really what I do with my free time."

Williams called the send-up "brilliant and hilarious," and noted, for the record, that he’s a teetotaler in real life.

Unfortunately, he had to take another call before we could confirm whether or not he’s a Junk in the Trunk subscriber.