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NBC Wins (Internet) Sweeps

According to Internet hit tracker, Hitwise, had the biggest share of Internet visits among the Big four networks for the four weeks ending May 27.

NBC had 43.45% of the visits to the Big Four, up 100% over May 2005, while ABC was next at 27.14%, up 8% from last May; CBS was at 20.75%; and Fox claimed 8.67%. Those could be increasingly important numbers. According percentage gains of any media delivery system at a 19.4% boost to $2.313 billion.

The big driver of traffic to the Peacock site appeared to be game show Deal Or No Deal, whose online component helped that show to a 30% share of the search traffic to

Hitwise says it is able to monitor 25 million-plus Internet users' visits to over 500,000 websites in 160 categories.

ABC launched free full-show streams on its Web site in May. Not surprisingly, Hitwise found that visits to that streaming portion of spikes came on Thursdays (Lost airs Wednesday night) and on Mondays (Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy air Sunday nights).

Hitwise company does not report out the number of visitors, just each network's share of those visits.