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NBC U Launches Leno Pay-Per-Chuckle

It will now cost to download Jay Leno’s monologues and comedy sketches on iTunes.

Calling it a “substantial enhancement” from the freebies it has been offering since last December, NBC late Monday announced that it will start providing the monologue and sketches from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for a fee.

Under the new arrangement, viewers will be able to choose among five of the most recent monologues for $1.99 each a day after the last one airs. The package will also include a sketch, an NBC spokeswoman said.  

In a new twist, NBC said viewers can subscribe to a “multi-pass” by pre-purchasing a month’s worth of monologues (20) for $9.99.

Previously, the network had offered some free samples on iTunes. They consisted of two-to-five minute editions from the previous night’s comedy monologue and sketches, including “Headlines” and “Best of Jaywalking.”

The spokeswoman said NBC Universal shows account for 175,000 downloads per month but could not provide specifics at deadline about how many of them were for Leno’s monologues.