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NBC slates CGI show

NBC and DreamWorks Television are creating the first TV show entirely crafted
with computer-generated imaging, said Jeff Zucker, president of NBC
Entertainment, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-principal of DreamWorks SKG, Monday.

The show, called Father of the Pride, centers on a family of white
lions that are part of Siegfried & Roy's famous Las Vegas act.

The humor and the technology used for the show were inspired by DreamWorks
smash-hit feature Shrek.

NBC and DreamWorks plan to premiere the show in fall 2004, and they have already ordered 13 episodes and given the show an on-air commitment.

Jonathan Groff, of Late Night with Conan O'Brien, will executive-produce and write the pilot.

Groff will team up with Seinfeld's Peter Mehlman to write the series.