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NBC shuffles L.A. operations

Although the Federal Communications Commission won't make a decision on
broadcast-ownership caps and duopolies until June 2, NBC is already consolidating its triopoly in Los Angeles.

The station group is moving Telemundo Communications Group Inc.'s KVEA(TV) to NBC Studios in Burbank, Calif.,
where flagship station KNBC-TV is located.

NBC's other Hispanic station, KWHY-TV, will also move operations, but sales
and programming will remain in Glendale, Calif., given the FCC ruling barring housing the
two Spanish-language stations' sales operations in the same building.

NBC is moving Bravo sales, Pax TV sales and the NBC national sales
organization to Glendale.

Because the waiver that allows NBC to own a triopoly has expired, NBC has
asked for an extension and it hopes the FCC will relax its ownership rule to permit
large-market triopolies.

Otherwise, it intends to sell KWHY-TV.

"We are hopeful that KWHY-TV will remain a part of the NBC/Telemundo family,"
NBC spokeswoman Hilary Smith said.