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NBC moves Boomtown to Fridays

To help build Boomtown’s audience, NBC will start running repeats of
its critically acclaimed sophomore show in its new Friday 10 p.m. time period
starting Aug. 8.

"By bringing Boomtown back in August, we are giving viewers a chance
to catch up with last season’s storylines and sample the series that critics
have named the best drama on television …" said Jeff Zucker, president, NBC

Boomtown’s second season premieres Sept. 26.

The Television Critics Association last month named Boomtown best
drama and best new series, making the show a critical darling, but so far
viewers have been less enthusiastic.

NBC also is repurposing Boomtown on cable network TNT Mondays at 10
p.m., to help drive more viewers to the show.

NBC is adding Vanessa Williams to the cast this fall, a move that also may
help build the show’s audience.