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NBC Local Sites See Audience Gains

NBC Local Media said Tuesday that its city Web sites are
delivering double-digit audience growth versus one year ago.

Comparing August 2010 to August 2009, monthly page views
have increased 32% to 112 million, monthly unique visits are up 20% to 12
million and total visits per month grew 15% to 15 million. Users also now
average eight page views per visit, a 33% jump.

NBC Local Media re-launched the 10 local sites less than two
years ago to broaden their content coverage and integrate social media
platforms. In the past year, the percentage of online traffic generated from Facebook
and Twitter referrals grew from under 2% to over 8%, according to NBC.

"It's encouraging to see such strong site performance, and especially as
it relates to our social media gains," said Greg Scholl, president of local
platforms, NBC Local Media. "Our momentum not only reflects new product
investments, but also the fact that our local news organizations have embraced
expanding well beyond our core local broadcast business to provide our
audiences with the information they seek 24/7 on whatever platform they