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NBC leads SAG nominations

Grabbing 15 total nominations for the March's Screen Actors Guild Awards, NBC ran circles around rival broadcast and cable networks.

While a nice pat on the back for NBC, SAG's annual awards are arguably more significant to the film industry, since SAG trophies are used to predict the outcome of March's Oscars. NBC series picking acting nods include dramas ER (Anthony Edwards, Sally Field for best male, female acting performances respectively) and The West Wing (Martin Sheen, Alison Janney).

On the comedy front, NBC's Frasier (Kelsey Grammar, David Hyde Pierce) and Will & Grace (Sean Hayes, Debra Messing and Megan Mullally) likewise looked good in SAG's eyes.

HBO (7 total nominations) and Fox (6 total nominations) were next runners-up, fueled by a combination of HBO's The Sopranos (James Gandolfini, Edie Falco) and Sex and the City (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Fox's Ally McBeal (Robert Downey Jr., Peter MacNicol, Ally McBeal) and Malcolm in the Middle (Jane Kaczmarek).

Rounding out the list of contenders, others up for best male dramatic performance are Tim Daly, CBS' The Fugitive and Dennis Franz, ABC's NYPD Blue. On deck for best female dramatic performance also include Gillian Anderson, Fox's The X-Files; Lauren Graham, WB's Gilmore Girls and Sela Ward, ABC's Once and Again.

Drama series nominated for best ensemble acting are NBC's ER, NBC's Law & Order, ABC's The Practice, HBO's The Sopranos and NBC's The West Wing. Comedy series in that category are Fox's Ally McBeal, NBC's Frasier, NBC's Friends, HBO's Sex and the City and NBC's Will & Grace. - Susanne Ault