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NBC has record $2.74B upfront

It looks like the ad recovery is in full swing for the broadcast networks,
which are now pretty much in mop-up mode on their upfront selling.

NBC set the pace with $2.74 billion -- a record upfront for any network and
about $800 million more than it sold last year, as well as some $350 million more than
2000, its previous record.

CBS, which was largely done by Tuesday night, had a record upfront, as well --
$1.95 billion, about $650 million more than last year and $300 million-plus more
than 2000.

The WB Television Network also had its highest upfront ever -- $575 million, or about $100 million
more than last year and $150 million more than 2000.

And The WB had the highest cost-per-thousand rate increases, in
the 15 percent to 16 percent range.

Fox came in at between $1.2 billion and $1.3 billion, roughly even with a
year ago, which is considered excellent given its ratings performance this past

Ditto for ABC, which sold about $1.5 billion, just slightly under the almost $1.6
billion it did last year.

ABC got price hikes in the 5 percent range, leaving officials at the network
ecstatic because they anticipated doing far worse.

United Paramount Network is also having a very good market, selling between $225 million and $250
million versus $150 million a year ago.