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NBC, CNN Announce Election Coverage Plans

With the mid-term elections rapidly approaching, networks and cable channels are rolling out their plans for election coverage 2006. B&C reported on ABC and CBS earlier this month.

On November 7, 2006 Brian William will anchor “Decision 2006” beginning at 6:30 ET from Rockefeller Plaza in New York. Joining William’s will be Tim Russert of Meet the Press and NBC Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw.

NBC is also dispatching correspondents to report on key or contested Senate, House and gubernatorial races while Chief White House Correspondent David Gregory reports from the White House and Congressional Correspondent Chip Reid weighs in from Capitol Hill. Analysts in New York will comment on exit polls, trends and voter turnout throughout the evening. NBC News and MSNBC will also be tracking any problems voters may experience through an agreement with InfoVoter Technologies. Looking ahead, Campbell Brown will report on voter trends while Lester Holt discusses the impact this election will have on the Presidential election in 2008. The morning after, The Today Show will do a full election report.

MSNBC begins full coverage starting tonight.

On cable network CNN, multi-platform coverage will also be available with "America Votes 2006" anchored by Wolf Blitzer, Paula Zahn, Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs live from the Time Warner Center in New York. CNN will also employ their "News Wall" to present real-time voter information. Senior Political Correspondent Candy Crowley and Chief National Correspondent John King will be on hand as well as Congressional Correspondents Dana Bash and Andrea Koppel, and White House Correspondents Ed Henry, Suzanne Malveaux and Elaine Quijano. Other correspondents will be reporting back to New York from cities and towns across the nation.

After the polls have closed on the west coast, Larry King will host a special two-hour Larry King Live with reaction from politicians and voters, and CNN Pipeline will stream victory and concession speeches.

On November 8, Soledad O’Brien and Miles O’Brien will give a full election night wrap up on American Morning.